TMS DEVICE (3D visualization)

June 7, 2019

The project involves Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland working together to develop electromagnetic brain stimulation methods and the recording of brain activity that results from the stimulation. The potential benefits are prospects of developing therapies for treating conditions such as stroke, chronic pain or depression and Parkinson’s disease. Aalto University asked an illustration of the new TMS device (the white helmet in the picture below) and its functionality. The final picture has been designed based on summary indications and preview sketches of the device. The aim of the 3D illustration is to give an hint about how the device will look like and its functionality. The cold and aseptic style of the picture is meant to reseambles the operating theatre. The project has been awarded a million euro grant for brain stimulation research.

Client Aalto University

Company Northbay Oy

Creative director Otto Olavinen

Designer Riccardo Pizzuti

TMS device