HEALTH DESIGN 2017 (Identity and event organization)

December 19, 2020

Health Design 2017 focused on the design of health technology, services and hospital architecture. The goal was to strengthen the multi-level application of design in the health sector. The event brought together healthcare, design and technology professionals, as well as healthcare companies and research organizations. The event has been part of the Suomi Finland 100 events. In collaboration with Northbay Oy we developed the whole concept and organized the event designing the identity of the project, taking care of the website, logo, brochure, banners, posters, badges as well as the design of the bags for the attendees of the event.

Company Northbay Oy

Creative director Otto Olavinen

Designer Riccardo Pizzuti

Health Design 2017



Health Design 2017 visual identity

Bags made in Finland screen printed by Groovink. Design by Northbay Oy and Riccardo Pizzuti

Venue of the event: Aalto University Harald Herlin Learning Centre
Photo: Aalto University/Tuomas Uusheimo