CLOSELOOP (Identity, logo and webesign)

September 15, 2018

The CloseLoop research project focuses on taking a multi-disciplinary approach towards closing the loops of high-added-value materials in the secondary circle of the materials flow. The project combines social studies on consumer behaviour, public acceptance and effective policy measures with high-level material design and life cycle design. Creating the identity for this project I’ve been inspired by the contemporary electronic waste problem. I started researching pictures of the prime source of electronic components: minerals. I choose shades of colors belonging to these materials, which would reseamble the earth and nature. This choice was made in order to ideally bring together the two aspects often in contrapposition: nature and technology. Also the logo had been designed as it would be a folded aluminium sheet creating a close loop. For the website I applied the same color palette of the logo and added pictures of electronic components, technology devices and e-waste.

Company Northbay Oy

Creative director Otto Olavinen

Designer Riccardo Pizzuti



Scietific poster